Basic knowledge of binary options

Basic knowledge of binary options

What are binary options and how they work in principle, you have certainly understood quickly. But there is a lot that you can learn even more!

binary-ballStarting with the trade types: call and put trading is guaranteed a term. But you also know one-touch, no-touch or Online Scam range trading? Have you ever tried using high-yield options to increase your potential returns to the up to 500-fold? Among commercial species we will tell you your options.

Also interesting, especially for short-term pleasure: extremely short lead times, such as the 60-second commercial. Give it a try, your adrenaline levels will rise. Less than 60 seconds trade you will find all necessary information.

With our basics-guide is designed to provide you with the base you need to successfully enter the binary trading. Whether you will succeed, thus only depends on luck – the knowledge you have us!

How does a one-touch option?

Traders who work with the One Touch option, speculating that a course is, at least once touched at a given price limit, either upward onlinescam or downward. Find this contact takes, then the trader has won, if not, then its use is clear. In what direction to move the course to this contact, does not matter, and even if he still repeatedly change direction, then it is for the trader is no longer important.

If the option is started, then the trader but must decide on a direction, he has an upper or a lower limit set on which the point is to be touched during the term.

Unlike the classic call and put options, it is sufficient in the One Touch option not only a direction to determine, in order to make a profit, the trader must determine whether a particular point is even touched.

That sounds simple in theory, in practice, the trader must however closely monitor the market, to see in which direction it is a quote. Underlying assets are all binary options, so shares, indices, commodities and currency pairs in question.

High returns

One Touch options provide high returns in view but the whole can of course end in a total loss. The requirements on the traders are great, because he has to think speculative and can assess the market correctly. Many traders overestimate themselves at the prospect of a return that may be at 500% and go too reckless on this option zoom. How high a return in detail may be, that depends on several factors, such as the time frame of the option and the respective underlying.

For achieving a high profit a trader, if he uses the One Touch option in binary trading. He can, for example, choose a maturity of one week and are betting that a currency pair this week, including the weekend reached a certain price limit. If this pair actually touched this limit again within the seven days, then has the Trader happiness and can be pleased about his winnings. Whether that happened on Monday or Friday irrelevant, there was a touch and this is crucial for the broker.

Of course one-touch options with a much shorter duration, such as a day or even an hour, but the statistics show that one-touch options are always particularly successful if they have a longer duration.